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Rock in Sand




Dr.Rock Mini Massage Physiotherapy is a wireless, portable vibration relaxation device that can deeply relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood circulation and activity performance, and improve the overall health of body soft tissue. With 3 gear physiotherapy mode, it is the best muscle relaxation tool necessary for home, travel and sports.



Dr. Rock Pro is an innovative physical health physiotherapy methods with the support from scientific and technological intelligence, improve the accessibility of the physiotherapy, reduce suffering. Improve blood and lymph circulation, relieve muscle spasm and atrophy, Dr. Rock Pro provides far infrared warm compress physiotherapy series with automated intensive massage on muscle, ligaments can not only accurately reach the stiff and fatigue parts of the body, it can also introduce organic essential oil rapidly penetrate the skin tissue, more effectively alleviate various body pains.


Gemibee Heating Bian Stone Relax Belt (with Graphene)

Want to relieve back pain? Use Gemibee Heating Bian Stone Relax Belt (with Graphene), 1 click relieves back pain! Support your waist and lumbar spine! Ideal for daily health care and for pain relief, tested and endorsed by Hong Kong Health Care Federation.

Heating Knee Relaxer01.png

Gemibee Heating Knee Relaxer - Pairs set

Gemibee Heating Knee Relaxer is a device worn on the knees and makes full use of thermal energy and vibration massage to relieve and relax painful or stiff muscles. It also helps to improve chronic knee inflammation and pain, promote blood circulation and improve joint flexibility.

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