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Live a better life

The Gemibee concept is inspired by the word “hygge” which means warm and comfort, it is a lifestyle and living culture of the Nordic people who pursue slow living. Gemibee hopes to spread this concept of life exploration through a serial of stylish, high quality and effective products.


Gemibee Heating Bian Stone Relax Belt (with Graphene)

Want to relieve back pain? Use Gemibee Heating Bian Stone Relax Belt (with Graphene), 1 click relieves back pain! Support your waist and lumbar spine! Ideal for daily health care and for pain relief, tested and endorsed by Hong Kong Health Care Federation.

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Gemibee Heating Knee Relaxer - Pairs set

Gemibee Heating Knee Relaxer is a device worn on the knees and makes full use of thermal energy and vibration massage to relieve and relax painful or stiff muscles. It also helps to improve chronic knee inflammation and pain, promote blood circulation and improve joint flexibility.


Gemibee Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

Equipped with inflatable airbag to provide gentle yet strong support for the neck, back, waist and hip, strengthens the body’s softness and flexibility, helps relax tight muscles, relieves soreness and relieves stress.


Gemibee Heating Bian Stone Relax Belt

Bian stone therapy with far-infrared and ultrasonic, combined with front and back heating and vibration functions, effectively promote blood circulation, relieve pain, relax muscles, and improve sitting posture.

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